Sunday, April 10, 2016


Paulstolic is a conscious hip-hop indipendent artist based in Zomba, Malawi. His music, which he also writes is about awakening the people's positive perspective to different social issues and teaching the youths basic principles of life.

Currently working on his first, yet to be titled, album which is to be released in October, Paulstolic has released a Music video for the song Inkata which is on YouTube. He has also released two other singles Ukapolo and Atamandike in which he has displayed a sublime craft of weaving chichewa words into profound lyrics.
Coming from a successful background after the release of Meet The Scribes (The Mixtape),a compilation of songs which he recorded with The Scribes, a hiphop group which he co-founded with Postnegative, the owner of Terminal Labs who also features in Ukapolo, Paulstolic is set to change the landscape of local rap music through his activism lyrics

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Friday, July 17, 2015


(memories of my rainny season-raw,unedited)
I am so lucky, i have all the luck in this world, to the bone-marrow than anyboby i can ever think of. I mean have grown this tall and still being raised by mother Malawi-Africa . Writing with a mouthful of some of this free delicacy, the sound of its crunchness, can make you salivate. Its a snacky lucky season and it just got better.
This is the place where you can find food in abandunce every corner you head to. We have insects called Ngumbi. You must be shaking your head and probalbly saying ‘you must be kidding me!’insects?Yeah, if sane humans eat endangered species of snakes the other part of this world then it makes me less sinful and more considerate in the eyes of those that preach ‘save the world animals.....and insects, edible ones i suppose. If only you tried them. When rains fall its food for all. The lazy and the industrious have it all. The only distance one covers may be your bedroom and your doorstep or the joyful run to engage yorself in to actually fan them down as they fly above your head.
Meal times have been all meaty and fishy all year round. I think i have something brand new this rainny season to show off. Insects, i mean edible insects. If you are in my age group and you are grimacing your face now then you must have missed good deal of food for long. Ngumbi is from a termite family and make home in anthills. It has got wings,very delicate in nature and probably with the shortest life span. When it rains, first rains the nice smell of the top katondo soil of my area reminds me of the season of food, abandunce food.This is when i think every mouth will definitely munch something delicious. Ngumbi cannot survive our salivating mouths. It needs a unique art on its own for you to catch more than enough for the whole family. One needs to master how it works to catch these lazy insects. Remember you only have one season of rains so help yourself to get some protein.

Food must be fun to source and prepare. Catching flying ants come with a tiny-winny price.You should never dose a second. Keep awake because they come out at night. Flying ants form their own cloud when they start their final trekk to the world. They are attracted to light. Dont you get too much headache if you do not have electricity.It just makes you that guy who can have more of these African delicacy flying your way. Those of us who stay with home made lamps made from tins will still beat those that switch on electric power on along the way. Experience has revealed to me that with one or few flames stationed anywhere , a splash of water on the floor or veranda to let them stick and lose their wings instantly as they land you can go with a two good full washing basins to the brim.
It is fun to run around and catch them. Some are ready to be picked up when they pluck-off their wings. They are a true symbol of intimancy and true-love. They romantically move in pairs and couples. Its not scientifically proven, we just believe it and because of their strong bond of never ending love, they end up in the frying pan dead and ready for their last mile;a meal. Isnt this romantic, the real ‘till death do us part”bond.
Its easy to prepare. Have you caught enough? Get boiled water ready and dip them in and let them there for less than a minute.The warm, hot water will let them detach themselves from the remainning cunning wings and will wash away the excess fat. You dry them and eat them raw as a snack for dinner, lunch and serve it along with vegetables of your choice. Try it with pumpkin leaves aside for dinner and lunch and serve it along with vegetables of your choice.Some prefer to cook or pan-fry them in the pan for preferably ten minutes or to their liking,you may not add oil but salt will give it a twist to the taste. Smells fried and feel crunchy dried. Take Ngumbi with Nsima(very thick porridge made from maize flour). I have never liked it any other way for dinner orlunch and serve it along with vegetables of your choice. Its a tasty snack...........its crunchy.
Apart from Ngumbi the vegetables can be grown in your flower pots apart from what grows in your backyard; blackjack(chisoso),Bonongwe and other nutricious vegetables. Lets all take advantange of mother nature and spend less on vegetables and other delicacies in the rainny season. Kindly wash every veggie leaf thourougly to prevent yourself from water bone diseases. Ngumbi and other flying ants are also used as bait for catching birds and fish. Some enterprenuers preserve them for the dry season. It may cost you double the price sold in rainny season. My mother Apiti Bakali still says good food is still free. Let it rain protien and deliciousness.

Friday, December 5, 2014


To all men who ARE excited to the news that their love of their life has missed a period and a doctor says SO.When this was said to me when Hendrina and I were expecting Amina Nadia aka Nanana our first born it was easy she used to wakeup up early and nothing really changed.Very hardworking girl,kept her head high and I wondered if the doctor was right on this one.

All changed on our second pregnancy.The coming of Raiff Mzati aka BIGBIGBOY was strange. Nagging and swearing on absolutely trivialities. Then she became a glutton I have never seen.The elders were warning us that it was a boy coming. I  drank to that statement not because I wanted a boychild than a girl  ah ayi,the fact was now I was to raise kids of two types of gender in one house.I had no experience yet I was very ready to sing lullabys probably in that different tone indeed ;bass(It is thought that tone is masculine)

Over the past five years I was a self styled expert in girlchild issues including the fashion. Looking at Nadia Amina herself she was uinquistive to know why her moms womb was getting bigger that usual. She could stand after a dinner and throw some nasty jokes on her moms protruding belly,”after eating am gonna be like mommy!”.To put this nosense to a stop I hand to do what most African men cannot do.I told her that mommy is carrying another baby.She was excited and was helpful indeed.Instead of climbing mommy on the lap she was so careful incase she can hurt the baby inside.It was so beautiful to see the bond she had with her mommy.We were all expecting.She understood why new little clothes were among the monthly incidentals and grossaries.Instead of clothing Lollipop(a big teddybear she plays with ) we saw them being fold neatly and put on the babycot.

To all men I say;be patient enough to toleralate loads of nosense because this time around she s not alone.I laughed one night I was sent to make a good tea with lots of milk.I through my apron over my shoulders but by the time I balanced my tray to the bedroom to wakeup mayi nkulu she was already waving me back , signaling that the crave for tea is history.This time something new was on demand from this out of blue menu we had.”Go and get apaw-paw!”,she said…….with a cup of cold water……and  some bread …..a thousand items were mentioned to me and  I looked at myself with only two hands and walking on very tired legs.

All I am  saying is you should be patient like a waiter and knowledgeable of food on demand.It can not be many but  from the first trimester you memorise the regular items being asked for, this prepares you not to firefight.Patience,patience,patience and only patience in this nine months
Iam a proud father and hubby for now as we raise the two beautiful people of our life.Life is beautiful!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


In Malawi and other African countries death is not westernized interms of ceremony. There is no such thing as celebration of life really.Death is the cruel beast that takes the life of a loved one.In this regards talking about food is some form of a taboo when death has just reared its ugly head.

In Africa attending funerals is never by invitation.It feels right to do so ,we call it kuwonekera(to be seen that you are with them as they mourn)Actually it has become a norm to show up just for minutes.All you do is you make your way into the mourning crowed and sorrowfully cringe your head as you greet the mourners.You console them and past the maize garden you sneak into your car and leave to continue a report you left at work or probably show up on a date with a mistress if you are taken.God knows its rear to think about food in an official setup because such arrangement are ignored and yet even mourners have to eat,life must go on.

Funeral planning process seems unAfrican but death happens anyway.It should be understood that while it is African to mourn together the attitude of people in this global village has also changed.People are becoming cleverer everyday. Some have expressed sentiments of shortages of food when they attended one funeral of a long distance relation.”I am hungry I wish I stayed put in my house.,I would have had my buffet comfortably” So one can not deny the fact that  apart from  emotional stress, financial decision making and uncertainty surrounding this beast called death availability of food is inevitable.  Funeral life planning may be the way to go but here in Malawi  we are keeping our fingers crossed as to  when that service will heat the market.

It is important that Catering solutions must solve the current puzzle by introducing fare packages that dignifies the departed with all the necessary items when it comes to food.Iam not talking about a three course meal no no.Sit down with the family and have a well thought out catering plan that considers the period that they are in.Until such a time insurance companies or other organizations comes up with the whole package,Catering for food should be business opportunity we are all missing out here at home.In the 90s we used to cringe away when we looked at coffins at market place.It was a taboo.This time we are used and loath no more the fact that to bury our loved one in peace and dignity with aready coffin is better that spend the whole day waiting for a carpenter come up with a well designed coffin.

It is not fair to only show a Mfumu and his ndunas, political party representative and/or Religious leaders to the dinning table  and leave the rest yawn to death with hunger.Group them in 5,10,15 just like our forefathers used to do.
Funeral reception catering services may include simple coffee, punch and cookies a light lunch or finger food for a stand up reception or buffet meals. Whatever the choice might be its still money to the business.

Saturday, November 22, 2014



published in the Kenyan online Magazine-AFRIKAN MBIU
Malawi was named one of the top 10 places to go in 2014 by Lonely Planet, Takulandilani! it’s a common phrase that you will hear in all corners of Malawi which means ‘welcome’.Internantional visitors will always ask the natives about Lake Malawi be it online, telephone and face to face.It seems Malawi as a country has marketed the lake than other places of interest or is it because the Lakeshore has a lot of conference centres thereby flirting with the eye of the international guest is inevitable. Lake Malawi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is popularly known lake of stars and prides itself with huge number of fish species in world. Golden beaches of Lake Malawi makes it one of the best places to never miss on your list of itenerery and destination to visit in your lifetime .
While lake Malawi remains a UNESCO World heritage site.However,Zomba plateau will remain the one of the top places  where the ‘high life ‘will be experienced.Some call this  plateau a place an inch away from heaven. Zomba Plateau is two and Half hours away from Blantyre the commercial city, The Plateau measures 130km2 touching an altitude of 2,087m and plateau reaching up to 1200m. A number of rivers and streams meander across it that’s what defines it as a premier destination so far with Sunbird Ku Chawe as an upmarket accommodation outlet belonging to Sunbird Tourism hotel chain in Malawi.
The indigenous green forest and the Pine tree planted by the Forestry department makes it one of a rare tourist attraction in Malawi and Africa as a whole.A colourful of birds make home in this plateau and those that take bird watching seriously get to rediscover this art with bliss.A variety of animal species and butterflies also make part of this eco-tourism mecca. Seasonal wild fresh fruits are everywhere in the forest.While going up ,nowadays  motorists should be mindful of the hairpin corners that I personally counted to be up to 40 and more and steep slopes that characterize a better part of the 10km distance from the foot of the mountain to the top where accommodation is readily available for   those that opt for self catering and an eye on their budget.

Mulunguzi dam which was constructed by the Ministry of Water development and Irrigation alleviated the short supply of water in the district. This big body of chilled water keeps trout  fish  that is also available at a near by Trout Farm where people can lodge and pick it as a choice at dinner or lunch on its menu.
Part of the Mulunguzi dam in the rainy season
If you have love for trail walking then you have several options to your advantage to choose from: To Trout Farm via Mulunguzi Dam and Mandala Falls. A pleasant walk through indigenous evergreen forest beside the stream, Part of this walk forms the Mulunguzi Nature Trail, Chagwa Dam via Mulunguzi Dam; For 90 minutes, Songani lookout via Queen’s view and Emperors View, a lazywalk through Forestry plantation for 120 minutes. The potato trail is a most popular and enjoyable trail to take .It was named after the regular use of famers who take their potatoes to Zomba Town market place

.a map of the trail walk on the plateau are self explanatory
Horse riding sport is on offer ,the Stables as they call it at approximately USD30 per hour per person .It does not matter whether you are a bigginer,amateur  or experienced horse rider or the three types of visitors will be accommodated with a personalised service.Their owners ,the Parsons Family and Maggie in particular are always happy and ready to go  and lead you on this ride as the impart the skill and underpinning knowledge that make your ride unforgettable and worth your dollars.
Chingwe’s Hole – It’s a bottomless pit on the plateau is rumored to have been used by local chiefs in the old days to get rid of their enemies or those that suffered from small pox.The legend has it that to get down to the bottom a rope was used hence the name “chingwe” which means rope. You can only experience the story and not hear or read about it.Just google trip advisor and you will not wait to visit and witness why they need a rope to enter into this hole,the reviews are breathtaking and beckoning in its own kind.
When you think you are done with all that fun visit KuChawe curio market and you will be astonished with the immense talent that Malawi has when it comes to carvings. Popular curios are Noahs arch, monkeys,the big five and the family frame that explains how the social cohesion mean in Malawi,the larger than life giraffe will make you pull off one into your travelling van.
Moving back to Zomba town you will get all the history you need to know.Drive slowly indeed because the residents are warmhearted and will always wave at you all you need is wave back.Zomba market, University office, African Riffles world war pillar are what makes Zomba a historical destination you should know about. Thank you for staying with us (Yendani bwino) Bon voyage, when are you coming to Malawi ?